Get into the habit of saving from a young age: Rupinder Pal Singh


Your first paycheque

I handed over the cheque to my parents
Most expensive purchase till date

Who manages your money and where do you invest?

I do it myself. I haven’t really had much time in the past year, but hopefully this year I’ll start investing in the right places
Your advice about money

Start planning for the kind of retirement you desire from the age of 25 years. Thereafter, start with a simple Systematic Investment Plan. It doesn’t have to be big bucks each month, even a small amount is a good start. Just get into the habit of saving from a young age.
Your money mistake

It took me a while to realise that investing in real estate doesn’t always give you the returns one might have been hoping for.
Next big purchase you are planning

A luxury car

Rupinder Pal Singh, Indian hockey team member, shares some money tips



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